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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Our goal in estate planning is to preserve assets, while minimizing the amount of income tax payable.

Utilizing a team approach, Farm Estate Services works with the law firm of Allen Wellman McNew Harvey to provide you with the total solution for your lifetime and estate planning needs. The range of services, which we can provide, range from the basic to the advanced.


Utilizing this unique combination of talent, we can devise a personalized plan for you to accomplish the following objectives:  

  • Avoid the expense and delay of probate

  • Eliminate or substantially reduce death taxes

  • Reduce income taxes

  • Organize business and income producing assets so as to provide for the orderly succession of ownership during lifetime (retirement) or at death

  • Minimize or eliminate unnecessary estate shrinkage due to fees and expenses 

  • Provide for a means for which pay estate taxes without the sale of family assets when taxes are inevitable 

Brent Dyer, owner of Dyer & Associates Insurance Agency, has been in the insurance business since 1988.  He founded Farmland Estate Services in 1994 and has been an estate consultant for the last twenty years.  Our goal is to educate our clients so they can successfully and effectively transfer their assets to their heirs, eliminating unnecessary fees to your family and maintaining control always.

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